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To provide a well-designed bicycle that delivers superior performance with uncompromised style. 

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Carbon Aero 3.0 (700c) -Performance Recumbent

 The worlds most accomplished carbon recumbent racer is now the most affordable as well! With CA3.0 frame kits starting at $1,700 and complete bikes starting at $3400 there’s no reason to put off buying your dream bike any longer! Also, the CA3.0 frames incorporate our new Adroit dropout system and a disc brake tab so changing between 700c, 650b, 650c and 559 disc wheels is not a problem. 

Voted Bentrider Recumbent of the Year in 2010. 


MSRP $4200
Carbon Basso

Carbon Basso - Performance Recumbent

 The Bacchetta Carbon Basso is a revamp of our classic Ti Aero Basso. The Carbon Basso is designed for shorter riders or for those looking for a performance bike with a slightly less aggressive BB to seat ratio. But keep in mind that the new Carbon Basso frame comes out of the same mold as the CA3.0… so there is no need to question it’s performance capabilities, that’s built into the bikes DNA. Also, unlike the Ti-Basso, which only came in a small size, the Aero Basso is available in a large frame size too! Basso Frame Kits start at $1700 . Voted Bentrider of the Year 2015.


MSRP $4200
Bacchetta Carbon Corsa

Carbon Corsa - Performance Recumbent

Been eyeballing a CA 3.0, waiting to pull the trigger on your dream bike because of the cost? At Bacchetta, we just made things a little easier for you. The new Carbon Corsa has the same frame as the CA 3.0, but with a spec that makes it a little easier on your bank account. No reason to let others have all the fun. Time to have a little fun of your own! 


MSRP $3,400

Carbon Basso GS - Performance Recumbent

 Take the Carbon Basso frame and add an easy on the wallet Giro spec- that’s the Bacchetta Carbon Basso GS! Fast, affordable and super easy to ride, the Basso Giro redefines the 20″ front wheel format. 


Msrp $3,200

Carbon Aero 2.0 (650c) - Performance Recumbent

 The worlds most accomplished carbon recumbent racer is now the most affordable as well! With CA2.0 frame kits starting at $1,700 and complete bikes starting at $3300 there’s no reason to put off buying your dream bike any longer! Also, the upgraded Aero spec and a new color scheme gives the CA2 a stunning new look to go along with a racing pedigree that’s second to none. 

Voted Bentrider Recumbent of the Year 2010


MSRP $4,200

Corsa A70 - Performance Recumbent

Arguably the best selling performance recumbent of all time, the Corsa now takes another leap forward. The new Corsa A70 keeps the Corsa’s legendary performance, but now lets you add another layer of versatility with it’s new Adroit dropout system. Easily swap between your lightest most aero road wheels, right into a set of rugged touring wheels within a matter of minutes. The Corsa continues to be the industry standard! 


msrp $2,400

Corsa A65 - Performance Recumbent

 Since the Corsa received a face lift in 2005, it has become one of the most sought after performance recumbents on the market. Not only does the Corsa model come with a rigorously tested Aluminum frame, it also comes standard with the evolutionary EuroMesh saddle and a component package that will make your fellow recumbent riders salivate!Check out the complete component package for the Corsa, ride one for yourself and you’ll very quickly see why all of the other Corsa riders on the road have just two words for their recumbent cycling brothers:
See ya! 


msrp $2,400

Giro 20 - Tour Recumbent

 A word about our Giro line of shortwheelbase recumbent bikes… Giro means tour in Italian and that’s the mentality we built these recumbents around. Tough bikes that handle extremely well and can be loaded up for the long haul or the hectic, everyday commute. In short, our Giro line is about dependability. If you want a “do all” bike, check out our Giro lineup and see why it’s the Gold Standard in short-wheelbase touring and commuting recumbents. 


msrp $1,800

Bella - Tour Recumbent

 Bella means beautiful in Italian and what’s not to love about the best handling, best performing long wheelbase recumbent on the market? If comfort, economy and durability are your main concerns when purchasing a recumbent bike, the Bella is the perfect option for you. 


 **Price does not include optional Disc brakes pictured. Add disc brakes for $150. X-seam measurements are guidelines only. 

msrp $1,950**

Giro A26 - Top Touring Recumbent

With our new Adroit frame, top shelf components and Bacchetta custom aluminum tubing, the Giro A26 is a lightweight touring machine built to do it all. A long, self supported tour? No problem. Throw on your favorite set of go fast road wheels when you get back for some club riding? No problem. Bacchetta gives you the options you want!


msrp $2,200

Giro A20 - Top Touring Recumbent

Big brother to the Giro-20, the “A” frame version of this bike is designed for the person who wants the perfect all-around ride and a no compromise spec. Not only does this bike take the rigors of commuting and touring head on with its time tested Bacchetta aluminum frame, its new Adroit dropout system, component group and price can’t be beat.


MSRP $2,200

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