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  • M5 Recumbents is established in 1983 and is therefore one of the oldest recumbent companies in the world.

  • M5 Recumbents owns several world records, which is unique in Europe. Among our sixteen! world records is the prestigious world hour record and the 100 km record. The records are achieved with a standard M5 Carbon and/or M5 Cr-Mo Low Racers recumbents, so no specials! This is a great advantage for our customers, which are able to use the same types of M5 Recumbents as the ones on which the records are estabished.

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 First of all, let's emphasize something: yes, this is the fastest bike in its class, but it's primarily intended for efficient traveling to work and comfortable touring, either with or without full luggage. Holder of the one hour world record, ridden with standard parts, ready for use in everyday traffic. Or: how a "Racer" is also an all-round means of transportation.

The M5 Carbon High Racer in keywords: lightweight, rigid, smooth running, aerodynamic, practical, comfortable.

A long period of development en testing preceded the production of the Carbon High Racer. Decades of knowledge, experience and the currently available technology can be found in this full monocoque bike. The countless races which are ridden by enthusiastic riders, M5 founder Bram Moens being one of them, led to an unmatched design in terms of speed and ergonomics. 


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