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Dan Rocco


  Dan Rocco- 2nd place age group 50-59 at the 2017 6-12-24 hr World Time Trial
Championships! Way to go Dan!

Bill Rankin


Bill Rankin, 

Pensacola, Fl. 

Age 77. 

Never too late to have fun on a bike.    

Recumbent Bike Riders



Florida, Age 37
Recumbent experience since June 2016
Why Schlitter? As a roadbiker I was riding with Jacquie and John on group
rides and my friend Alex was riding a Schlitter bike.  He was always fast, so I
decided to challenge myself on a Schlitter recumbent too. I did my first race
in August 2016 in NC UMCA National championship century Race after only
training 2 months on the Encore. John made sure the bike fit me perfectly.  It
is a perfect bicycle to adjust to. Very comfortable to ride and it is very fast. I
actually got 4th place overall.
My personal goal is that I want to win next year's Sebring 12 hour race on
the Encore. 



Sarasota, Florida, Age 55
Recumbent experience since February 2015
Why Schlitter? I chose the Schlitter Encore because of the unparalled
adjustibility of the seat and the bars. It makes the Encore incredibly and
easily adjustable for rider size and terrain. Very fast, comfortable and easy
to ride even in tight traffic.
My personal goals: At this point, I would like to continue my racing and
training with a focus on 12 hour events and eventually place well in a 24 hour



Age 34

Recumbent Bike Experience since 2014

I was in the market for a stick bike and was almost sold on

a CA2 when I saw the Encore. I loved the stealth look and the J-Bars. A

couple months after I got the Encore, I did a ride with John Schlitter and

got schooled on how fast these bikes could go. After that, I decided to try

a century race just to see how I could do. I ended up taking first place

with a time of 4:09, beating second place by close to 6 minutes. After that

I was hooked and have been training ever since. In August 2016, I took first

place in the UMCA National Championship Century Race in Washington, 

NC; therace was 104 miles and I finished with a time of 3:59. I am still riding

hard and will see what the future brings.

Excellent bike, excellent handling, very fast, very comfortable,

very adjustable, and FUN TO RIDE! The J-Bars allow you to run the seat as

low as 10 degrees with no visibility problems. The custom fit puts you right

in the sweet spot for power production and handling. | My goal for now is to

keep racing and hopefully keep winning! Thanks for posting my story on your  recumbent bike reviews!



Bradenton FL, age 64
Cycling for 40 Years
Recumbent experience since June 2013
Why Schlitter? Met John and Jacquie Schlitter at their old Vite Store . I had
an interest in riding Recumbents for over a year and who better to learn
from than two recumbent expert racers, pioneers (John Schlitter) and
enthusiastic supporters of the cycling community at large and recumbents in
particular. The Schlitter Encore is the most Versatile High- Racer on the
market. I currently own two Encores (650C and 700C) with more on the
horizon. Long distances (50 miles a day average) and several ultra-distance races a year. I am averaging 15,000 miles a year. 



 Bradenton,Fl, age 56
I have been riding since I was old enough to get on a bike.
Recumbent experience since May 2016
Why Schlitter? I was introduced to Schlitter from a friend who was riding a
Schlitter.  I tried his bike and loved it.
I am riding leisurely and increasing distance.
I am averaging 3,000 miles in a year.. 



age 53

Recumbent experience since May 2010
Why Schlitter? I was looking for an upgrade to my Bacchetta Corsa and found the Schlitter Encore online. After talking to John and a test
drive I was sold.

Why Schlitter? I have ridden many different uprights all my life. Due to issues with my neck and shoulders I converted to a recumbent 6
years ago. I have been riding the Encore for the last 11 months and without a doubt the Encore is the best bike I have ever ridden in my
life.  In the last 11 months my bike mileage and speed have increased greater than I thought was possible for me. Thanks to the Encore, I
currently average almost 900 miles/month. If you have not considered a recumbent, you should and you should start talking to John and
Jacquie immediately! If you are considering a recumbent the Encore is your most versatile option and you should start talking to John and
Jacquie immediately!  It is probably clear I am a huge fan and a happy customer!



Age: 72

Recumbent experience since 1999
Why Schlitter? I met John and Jacquie as they were helping a friend in my
bicycle club that had been hit by a car. I started going to visit them at
their store and liked them and their bikes (and Bella, their Great Dane!)
I love it! I own a Vision, a Bacchetta, and a Gold Rush. I am on the Encore at least 95% of the time. | I ride the miles of my age (or more) on each birthday. I hope to be doing this for at least another 10 years. 



Age: 56

Recumbent experience since 2014

Why Schlitter? Due to a medical condition I cannot ride a conventional bike.
I've been an athlete my entire life so fitness had to be a part of my new life.  
My road to recovery started with riding trikes.  I still love riding my current
trike but after a long while I felt strong enough to start riding a recumbent
bike.  My first was a new to me V-Rex that I love but that just wet my appetite
for more speed.  My endless search led me to the Schlitter Encore..

Absolutely love it.  Beautiful, light, quick, fast, comfortable...what more could
you want! I want to be better than I am -- at home, at work, and at play. 



Kentucky, Age: 60
Recumbent experience since 2012
Why Schlitter? The fit, finish and overall ride Purchase.
Schlitter is a great recumbent. My goals is to ride complete a century within
a year. 



Age 79
Recumbent experience since 2013
Why Schlitter ? Vite Bikes is only 35 minutes from my house and the Encore
looked like the best recumbent for the money .. By far.

A phenomenally well designed bike. Love it.  I do try to go 120 miles a week. I ride with a younger group and could not really keep
up with my Specialized D bike. Also, riding a D bike had just become too painful. Numb hands, sore butt, and my back hurt. First
time on my Schlitter was 35 miles. Nothing hurt. Have now done 15,000+ miles on it. Did 36 today.
Could have been sitting in my lounge chair watching TV. In fact, I am as I write this! No difference. I LOVE MY SCHLITTER! 



 Age 51
Recumbent experience since 2013
Why Schlitter? Super light weight, high performance, great looks, all carbon,
SRAM components, custom fit, and the best price!  It's the best!!!

I absolutely love my Encore.  With it I've competed very well in all the local
sprint points.  I even pace line with it..very cool. 



Royal Oak, MI, USA, Age 46
Recumbent experience since April 2010
Why Schlitter? I was looking to move from a lowracer to a
highracer and like the semi-custom option with the Encore. So far
the best recumbent I've owned.  Lower seat than others makes it
more comfortable to ride in traffic. Carbon Frame is stiff and the
bike rides very quietly.  Double J bars are great too!
My personal goal is to continue riding my 4:30am rides and
3k/year for as long as possible. 



East Haddam, CT, Age 67
Recumbent Experience since 02/2014
Why Schlitter? I bought a Giro 26 from J+J as my initial
recumbent. When the Encore came out I decided to upgrade
with knowledgeable people I trust. It's a Wonderful bike.  It is
quiet, comfy and quick, just what I wanted.
My personal goal right now is that I am a recreational rider
having a great time and staying in good health. However, by
the time RAAM opens up a 100+ age category, I'll be ready 




Dear John, Jacquie:

Just thought you might want to have photos of what may be
the first Schlitter Encore in the Middle East.  Took these
photos outside my house in Kuwait, where I am completely
enjoying the rides. 



St. Pete Beach, FL, Age 56
Recumbent Experience since 06/2001
Why Schlitter? Due to back problems, upright riding is not comfortable so I decided to try a recumbent. Started with a Rans Rocket and enjoyed it for 15 years. Started riding with another recumbent rider who rides a P38. I noticed I could not keep up with him without extra effort. We switched bikes and the tables turned. I realized it may be time to upgrade. My friend told me to check out a Florida company called Schlitter. After visiting John and riding several models (including a Bachetta) I settled on the Encore 700/700.  I have been riding the Encore for 2 weeks now and absolutely love it! Fit/finish is outstanding, components function perfectly. The bike is extremely fast and I no longer struggle to keep up with anyone.

I never thought about racing but now that is a real possibility. After getting off the Encore (no matter the distance) I feel exactly the same .... great! Like all recumbents you need to think ahead and anticipate stops and starts and tight turns, but with practice you will do just fine. 





See attached photo from today’s ride.  Encore riders can survive anything!  Just after this photo we got hit with rain, pea sized hail and wind.  Had to hunker down under a tree for a bit.

Really love my Encore and how it handles!!  Enjoying the Wisconsin countryside on it! 



 Old Buckenham, Norfolk, UK  Age 64
Recumbent Experience since  07/2013

Why Schlitter?: Like many riders I came into the recumbent world as a result of injury. And like most of these riders I wish I'd have entered that world much earlier. My first recumbent was a Giro 20, a lovely machine and ideal for a novice to learn on. But I became frustrated when my clubmates, all on shiny carbon road bikes, disappeared over the horizon. deciding to meet fire with fire I set about looking for the recumbent equivalent of their road bikes. Schlitter had just started manufacturing the Encore and it was getting rave reviews. I was sold instantly. Excellent. The improvement in my speed was instant and kept improving the more I rode it. Plus, I no longer regard climbing as a weakness in the recumbent design.

Personal Goals:
1. To ride a complete Super Randonneur series on the Encore in 2018.
2. To ride the Paris-Brest-Paris on it in 2019 (I've already completed 2 PBP's on an upright).
3. To ride the London-Edinburgh-London on the Encore in 2021.
4. To get a top 3 position in the Sports category of the British Human Power Club races in 2018