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Open Cockpit Reinvented


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  The open arm position allowed by open cockpits (also known as U bars,  superman bars or tweener bars) is  reminiscent of the position found on  traditional road bikes and can allow  great control, aerodynamics, and easy  breathing when climbing and sprinting. 

However, reaching an adjustment that
can allow all these qualities at once
without shin interference or thigh
interference during sharp steering is
often tricky, requiring a lengthy trial
and error process of swapping stems
and handlebars of different dimensions.

Even the best adjustment often comes at the expense of a restricted line of  sight.

Night Riding


All recumbent bike frames include permanent reflective accents

Fork crown type headlights mount directly at the front of the frame. Handlebar type headlights use a simple, affordable adapter.

Standard tail lights mount to the seat struts easily

Traditional Open Cockpit Vs. Double J

Traditional Open Cockpit Vs. Double J

The Double J Handle Bars


 Double J Handle Bar Clamp 

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Jacquie Schlitter riding with Double Handlebars


Sized to Fit

Custom Sized Frames

Each frame is custom sized for the individual rider providing different length booms for different attach bracket allows for up to 6" of adjustment forward and aft on the frame and the seat struts allow for recline angles of 10 to 35 degrees so you are never stuck in one position. 

Either you fit a typical beam frame, or…

•Seat too far forward
•Seat unnecessarily high – difficult
to set feet flat on the ground
•Crankset unnecessarily high –
have to raise feet high to reach pedals 

 •Seat too far back
•Too much weight on rear wheel,
affects handling
•Extra handlebar reach required, often
requiring parts to be swapped 

Alternative Seat Mount

 We know that recumbent riders are often keen to let others try their rides. After all, that’s how the recumbent virus often spreads. We also realize that buying a bike that fits only you is a scary prospect as far as resale value is concerned.  That’s why we designed an alternative seat mounting position. It allows about +/- 8cm (3″) of seat position adjustment, about the same range as a standard straight-frame road recumbent bike, while only raising the seat by about 20mm (3/4″.)
The handlebar’s reach and height can also be quickly adjusted to suit another rider. 

Shorter Riders

 •Lowest possible seat height – more
likely to get feet flat on the ground
•Proportional crankset height – feet
don’t have to be raised as much to reach pedals

Taller Riders

 •Same wheelbase as taller riders –  doesn’t compromise handling

 •Easy handlebar reach adjustment for great handling

 •Easy handlebar reach adjustment