Schlitter carbon recumbent Schlitter carbon recumbent


Bespoke, high performance European made
carbon fiber recumbents for the price of mass-produced aluminum

Available everywhere in the US and Europe. Spring 2014.

Bespoke European carbon fiber
for the price of mass-produced aluminum.

Many of our own recumbent racing achievements would have been difficult to accomplish without the extreme efficiency, great handling and low weight of a carbon recumbent.

We are now excited to put this level of performance in the hands of more riders at the price of leading, similarly equipped, mass-produced aluminum models, thanks to innovative manufacturing, logistics and distribution.

A carbon fiber highracer recumbent that fits all riders and riding preferences

Racers, tourers and commuters of all heights and body types can now experience the performance of a carbon fiber highracer recumbent on all road surfaces as well as weather conditions.

Our bespoke fit and incredible wheel, tire and brake type compatibility makes it all possible.

Worthy of Race Across America.
By industry pioneers 
and accomplished athletes.

John Schlitter has more than 35 years in the recumbent industry as former R&D and production manager at Rans and former co-founder of Bacchetta, the two biggest American recumbent manufacturers.

Jacquie Schlitter will ride the grueling race solo in 2014 and this bike will be part of her arsenal. 

Both are accomplished long distance recumbent cycling athletes, standing record holders and Race Across America finishers. 

That's not the end of it.

More exciting features will be revealed in the coming weeks.
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