Road Endurance DNA.

The Encore Endurance Road Recumbent Bike.
From renowned endurance athletes and industry pioneers.

Custom fit carbon fiber

for the price of mass-produced aluminum.

The Schlitter Encore

Road Endurance Recumbent Bike.

Recumbent road bike

John Schlitter‘s endurance cycling achievements and community building efforts since the late 90s have been instrumental to the emergence of a standard for road recumbent bikes in North America.
  • 700c or 650c standard road bike wheels for sustained speed on real world roads
  • Simple, straight beam or “stick” frames for efficient power transmission and great climbing abilities
  • No interference between the chain and front wheel for unhindered agility
  • Higher riding position mixes well with traffic and traditional road bike groups
  • Open position handlebar for control, comfort and easy breathing
Meanwhile :
  • A different take on the recumbent road bike emerged in Europe, eventually gaining popularity in North America
  • Carbon fiber road bikes became affordable and commonplace, while carbon fiber recumbent bikes remained expensive and exotic

The best of both worlds

  • Frame design
  • Frame sizes
  • Seat height on 700c wheels
  • Seat
  • Crankset/BB height
  • Wheelbase
  • Multiple wheel size, wide tire and disc brake compatibility
  • Randonneuring / commuting accessories
  • Handlebar
  • Full bike price
  • Typical American
    road recumbent bike
    • Beam, no telescopic boom
    • 2 or 3
    • Up to 66cm (26")
    • Composite shell, comfortable at angles under 25 degrees
    • Varies with frame size
    • Fixed for each frame size
    • Not available on performance models
    • Can be restricted on performance models
    • Open position, can be tricky to adjust, can reduce line of sight
    • Carbon fiber 66-90% more expensive than aluminum and steel
  • Typical European
    road recumbent bike
    • Shallow bend and telescopic boom
    • 1
    • Often around 60-61cm (24")
    • Composite shell, comfortable at angles over 20 degrees
    • Fixed
    • Fixed
    • Available on certain performance models
    • Easy installation on certain performance models
    • Closed position, easy to adjust, clears line of sight
    • Carbon fiber 50% more expensive than aluminum

Custom fit frames

Either you fit a typical beam frame, or…
… if you’re too short

  • Seat too far forward
  • Seat unnecessarily high – difficult to set feet flat on the ground
  • Crankset unnecessarily high – have to raise feet high to reach pedals
… if you’re too tall

  • Seat too far back
  • Too much weight on rear wheel, affects handling
  • Extra handlebar reach required, often requiring parts to be swapped
We create an individual Schlitter Encore frame to fit you perfectly.
Shorter riders

  • Lowest possible seat height – more likely to get feet flat on the ground
  • Proportional crankset height – feet don’t have to be raised as much to reach pedals
  • Same wheelbase as taller riders – doesn’t compromise handling
  • Easy handlebar reach adjustment
Taller riders

  • Perfect front/rear wheel weight spread for great handling
  • Easy handlebar reach adjustment
What if you want to let someone else try your custom Encore?

We know that recumbent riders are often keen to let others try their rides. After all, that’s how the recumbent virus often spreads. We also realize that buying a bike that fits only you is a scary prospect as far as resale value is concerned. That’s why we designed an alternative seat mounting position. It allows about +/- 8cm (3″) of seat position adjustment, about the same range as a standard straight-frame road recumbent bike, while only raising the seat by about 20mm (3/4″.) The handlebar’s reach and height can also be quickly adjusted to suit another rider.

High enough to mix with traffic and traditional road bike groups.
Low enough to accommodate shorter riders.

On 700x23c wheels (etrto 23-622), shown here, the Schlitter Encore’s seat is at 60.5cm (23 7/8″), lower than many straight frames and on par with many shallow bend frames. We probably offer the most appropriate position/seat height/crank height mix for shorter riders on 2x700c rear-wheel drive recumbents today, but should you need an even lower seat, a pair of 26″x23c (etrto 23-559) will drop it to 57cm (22 1/2″.)

Need an even lower seat and crankset?

We will be introducing models with smaller 20″ (etrto 406 and 451) front wheels in the near future.

All road, all weather endurance

Riding all day and night over chipseal and potholes. Getting to work in the rain across cobblestones and tram tracks. Finding out what’s at the end of that dirt road. Making it to the next campground before dark.
Don’t let a carbon frame stop you.
Everything you need to ride at night.


  • All frames include permanent reflective accents
  • Fork crown type headlights mount directly at the front of the frame. Handlebar type headlights use a simple, affordable adapter.
  • Standard tail lights mount to the seat struts easily
The right tire and wheel combination for all circumstances

A very light pair of 700c road wheels and 23mm tires to climb mountain passes. 650B disc wheels and 32mm tires for smooth randonneuring. 26″ or 29er wheels and 42mm tires to handle the roughest of roads. Can’t decide? Use disc brakes and switch wheelsets. A whole new bike in under two minutes.

  • All Schlitter Encore frames have clearance for wheels up to 700c and tires up to 42mm in the rear.
  • Dropout width adjusts from 135 to 130mm with included spacers.
  • A selection of front forks is available to match your wheel size, tire size and brake type preferences.
Common name 26″ 650c, 26″ road 650b, 27.5″ 700c, road, 28″, 29er
ETRTO 559 571 584 622
Tire size (mm) 23-25 28-42 23-25 28 32-42 23-25 28-42
Caliper brake Front   Front Front  
V-brake Front, rear (w/adapter) Front, rear (w/adapter)   Front, rear
Disc brake Front, rear    Front, rear Front, rear
Dropout width (mm) 135 130 135 130 / 135
Ride with confidence.


  • A selection of forks compatible with road calipers, mtb or road v-brakes, and disc brakes is available
  • IS type disc brake mounts
  • V-brake mounts positioned for 700c wheels, compatible with mtb or road v-brakes
  • An adapter is available to use v-brakes with 26″ or 650c wheels
Compatible with full fenders / mudguards for unhindered all-weather riding.


  • Forks with eyelets and fender / mudguard clearance available
  • Eyelets on rear dropouts
  • Brake bridge mounting adapter available
For the long haul or just a change of clothes when you get to work.
  • Compatible with standard bicycle luggage racks / carriers and standard pannier bags
  • Recumbent-specific bags can be installed on the back and sides of the seat

Open cockpit, reinvented

The open arm position allowed by open cockpits (also known as U bars, superman bars or tweener bars) is reminiscent of the position found on traditional road bikes and can allow great control, aerodynamics, and easy breathing when climbing and sprinting.

However, reaching an adjustment that can allow all these qualities at once without shin interference or thigh interference during sharp steering is often tricky, requiring a lengthy trial and error process of swapping stems and handlebars of different dimensions.

Even the best adjustment often comes at the expense of a restricted line of sight.

Meet the Double J handlebar.

The Double J handlebar, named after the shape of its halves, adjusts horizontally (reach) and vertically (height) in a matter of seconds. Its gull-wing shape improves the line of sight greatly, while increasing shin clearance.

By recumbent enthusiasts, athletes and pioneers

35 years
in the recumbent industry

Repeat finishers, solo and team.

Met at PBP 2011.

  • John Schlitter
    John SchlitterTest pilot, product development,
    US distribution

    Venice, FL, USA

    John was one of the pioneers of the US recumbent industry in the late 1970s and became R&D and production manager at Rans for the next 20 years, where he also handled the ultralight / light aircraft activities. He then became one of the co-founders of Bacchetta bikes. Both are now some of the biggest recumbent bike manufacturers in the world.

    He is also a well respected endurance cyclist with many years of competitive cycling experience. He holds many ultracycling records and was the first recumbent rider to complete the Race Across America in 2008 as a solo participant.


  • Jacquie Schlitter
    Jacquie SchlitterTest pilot, product development,
    US distribution

    Venice, FL, USA

    Jacquie’s experience with endurance recumbent cycling is more recent but no less accomplished. On her first foray into this world at the 2011 12 hours of Sebring, she set an age group record. At next year’s 24 hour event, she set an all-out historic women’s record and went on to finish the 2012 Race Across America in a 4-person mixed team. She also participated in the 2014 Race Across America as a solo rider.

    She is a Doctor of Clinical Nursing and a professor of Nursing at St. Petersburg College.


  • Julien Mauroy
    Julien MauroyProduct Management, Product Design,
    EU Distribution

    Stockholm, Sweden

    In 2011, Jacquie and John Schlitter and myself met while cycling somewhere on the country roads of France during Paris-Brest-Paris. A few years and plenty of shared ambitions later, we decided to launch the Schlitter Encore recumbent bicycle with the help of Adam Novak who had developed an exceptional carbon fiber frame technology at Hungarian manufacturer Szatuna. I was instrumental to the original development of the product and organization and pursued European distribution.

    Thanks to your incredible support, the Encore quickly grew into a successful product that changed the landscape of the recumbent industry. Yet as you know, this industry remains small and its functioning relies on the ongoing devotion of a handful of people. As someone who thrives on developing new products and services, I have found my attention increasingly diverted to other projects, at the expense of ongoing relations with clients and the community. Thankfully, Adam Novak’s new role at frame manufacturer Szatuna allows him to orchestrate the resources required to provide customer service on par with the stellar level that the Schlitters have built their reputation on. The responsibility for EU distribution will therefore be transitioned to Szatuna.

    Français, English, Svenska

Built upon proven carbon fiber frame technology

The Schlitter Encore’s carbon fiber frame is built upon technology originally developed by composites engineer Adam Novak for the Carbonrecumbent line. These models have been reliably ridden around Europe since 2009.

The frames are produced by Szatuna Kft., a manufacturer of high quality composite and plastic parts for the automotive industry, based on Lake Balaton in Hungary, a world-renowned region for watersports composite manufacturing.

Together, we have further developed frame geometry, carbon fiber placement and orientation, as well as manufacturing and finishing processes in order to produce frames that are :

  • Highly efficient for road endurance competition yet comfortable enough for everyday use
  • Durable and reliable for years of intensive use
  • Custom sized for each rider
  • As good looking as today’s best road bikes
Buy a fully assembled bike, assemble your own from a frameset, upgrade your existing ride to a carbon frame...