Freestyle Semi-Custom Recumbent

Schlitter Freestyle

The Freestyle is a fully built around a 7000 series aluminum frame with a 50” wheelbase, a seat height that varies between 22 3/4” to 23 ¾.  The rear dropouts are interchangeable from 12mm x 142mm pass thru axle to QR dropouts set at 132.5mm that allows using 130mm and 135mm spaced rear QR hubs. 

As the name indicates, the Freestyle is designed to be a semi-custom bike that you can configure pretty much any way you like - custom paint the frame (any color you desire), carbon wheels and a carbon seat with Schlitter’s signature J-Bars. 

ADDITIONAL BUILD OPTIONS: Click the buy button to purchase a standard build or select what additional options (and accessories) you want to build your very own Schlitter Freestyle!

Assemble Your Own Schlitter Freestyle with the Frame Kit base

The Schlitter Freestyle Frame kit base includes:

Frame, boom clamp, boom, idler set up for return idler, headset for for tapered head-tube 1 1/8” to 1 1/2”, seat attach bracket, seat support set, optional rear rim brake brace, QR pass though axle/skewer 12mm x 142mm, interchangeable drop outs for 12mm x 142mm pass though and drop outs for QR type hubs with a 132.5mm spacing allowing 130mm or 135mm QR axle spaced hubs, complete Jbar handlebar set.

You can include Schlitter products, such as Carbon fork, mesh seat and foam seat pad. Click the order form below for more details. 

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